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Is Your Alternator Bad?

If turn on your car and instead of hearing the engine roar to life, you hear clicking, you know something is wrong. You might think that the battery is dead, but it could be something more complicated — something to do with a failing alternator. In that case, replacing the battery won’t help anything and the failing alternator could quickly kill the new battery! Luckily for you, Total Performance in Tacoma, Washington can help. First, we offer 24/7 towing assistance to get your vehicle safely to our shop. Once it’s there, our ASE Certified technicians can get to work. They have decades of experience working with electrical systems on all makes and models. Using their knowledge and advanced technology, they’ll locate the source of your vehicle’s power problem. Whether it’s the battery or the alternator, your car is in the right hands. We provide expert alternator repairs for all kinds of vehicles!

Your Warning Signs

Want to know how you can tell if your vehicle’s electrical power problem goes beyond a bad battery? Deciphering an issue with the alternator could save you a lot of money on battery replacement and repairs. If the alternator is the source of the problem, it will zap any battery you swap in. You’ll want to get proper service promptly to restore your vehicle’s performance. Here are a few ways to tell when it’s time to visit Total Performance for alternator repair.

Dim Lights

Are the headlights, dashboard, or cabin lights in your vehicle dim or flickering? If the lights brighten as you accelerate, that’s a sure sign of an alternator problem.

Check Engine Light

Your vehicle may try to warn you of a problem with the alternator through the check engine light. If this symbol or a battery icon illuminates on the dashboard, seek professional assistance.

Stalling Engine

The fuel injection that powers your vehicle requires a lot of electrical power. If the alternator has problems, the engine will quickly cut out.

Dead Battery

If your alternator is malfunctioning, the vehicle will rely on the battery’s capacity. This will rapidly drain its power. Be careful when replacing a dead battery. If the alternator is the real culprit, you’ll have another dead battery soon enough!

Contact the Professionals

Have you ever left your headlights on when your car was off and returned to find your battery dead? If so, you may have wondered how your vehicle’s headlights and cabin lights work for longer when the car is running. That’s because of the alternator. It charges the battery while the vehicle is running by converting energy from the crankshaft. The result is a seemingly endless supply of power for headlights and internal components. But the alternator will wear out over time. Certain parts may need replacement or repair to keep your vehicle humming. For expert diagnosis of electrical problems, visit Total Performance in Tacoma, Washington. We have the expertise to fix any alternator problems! Call (253) 471-8905 or visit 5635 S. Tacoma Way to get started!