Brake Repair in Tacoma, WA

Avoid Brake Issues -- Total Performance

Preventative Maintenance

Nobody wants to wait until their brakes actually fail to have them repaired. That’s why they visit the auto shop for regular inspections and preventative care. At Total Performance in Tacoma, Washington, we provide brake checks for all makes and models as part of our 40-point inspection and monitor the brakes over the course of your maintenance visits. Regardless of what brings you into our shop, our ASE Certified technicians would be happy to inspect your vehicle’s brake components to ensure they are fit for continued use. If there’s air in the brake line or damage to the rotors, we’ll find it! Consistently checking brake pad thickness allows us to give you a heads up when they need to be replaced. You can then schedule brake repair at your convenience and continue driving stress-free. You shouldn’t be wondering when your brakes will give out. Our experts have the answers to always keep your car in top condition!

24/7 Towing

Experiencing brake problems? Don’t worry! Total Performance offers 24/7 roadside assistance and towing in Tacoma, Washington. If you notice something different while stopping, you can contact us for a tow. We’ll get you and your vehicle safely to our shop for a brake check and service. Not sure if your vehicle is safe to drive? Don’t risk getting behind the wheel or ignore the signs of brake failure. A spongy brake pedal that absorbs the pressure from your foot means your car’s braking response isn’t as fast as it should be. Squeaking that occurs when stopping means the brake pads are wearing low. If they wear out completely, you might not be able to stop your vehicle! These signs are your indications to call for help and get professional brake repair. Let our team step in to correct performance problems and restore your car’s safety. We’ll make sure your car is stopping safely before you leave our shop.

2-Year Warranty

We understand how important your vehicle is. You count on it every day to get where you need to go. And when you’re behind the wheel, you count on your brakes to be there at any moment to keep you safe. Our team is here to ensure those brakes are always functioning at their best. That’s why we use high-quality parts in all of our repairs. We’re confident that service with our experts will protect your vehicle’s performance — so confident that we guarantee the quality of our work with a 2-Year / 24,000-Mile Warranty. Your brake repairs are covered at Total Performance! To schedule your next service with us, call (253) 471-8905 or use our online system. You can also stop by 5635 S. Tacoma Way for walk-in service. We look forward to seeing you soon!