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Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Total Performance is here to help drivers in Tacoma, Washington when their vehicle’s malfunction indicator turns on. In most vehicles, the check engine light is easy to identify. It’s the yellow-amber light that looks like an engine or reads “SERVICE ENGINE SOON.” But what’s not easy to tell is what caused the light to come on. Your vehicle’s computer constantly monitors the health of important parts. When they fail or malfunction, the light is triggered with a trouble code that can only be read using specific equipment. Our ASE Certified technicians are not only familiar with common check engine light problems, but also possess the advanced diagnostic equipment to accurately determine their causes. They take the guesswork out of engine diagnostics, providing the exact answer you need when your check engine light comes on.

Common Causes

Wondering what might have triggered your vehicle’s malfunction indicator? There’s only one way to find out for sure — visit the professionals at Total Performance for diagnosis. But we understand that drivers want to have all the information they need to take care of their vehicles. With that in mind, we want you to have a general idea of the common reasons for check engine lights. Here are a few components that might need replacement or repair:

  • Catalytic Converter
  • Loose Gas Cap
  • Mass Airflow Sensor
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Spark Plugs

While these are just a few of the reasons your vehicle might have issued a trouble code, there are many others that can harm engine performance. It’s important to promptly handle any warning light to ensure your vehicle doesn’t sustain further damage. When that happens, a flashing check engine light will be sure to catch your attention. That means it’s time to pull over and call for a tow! We provide 24/7 towing service in Tacoma, Washington, but we hope to handle your vehicle’s engine problems before any breakdowns. Be sure to visit us at 5635 S. Tacoma Way to avoid getting stranded on the side of the road!

Why Choose Us?

Proper check engine light repair is important, so why trust Total Performance to get the job done? With 30 years of experience servicing all makes and models, we have a strong understanding of how cars work and how to repair them. We’re confident in our experience and equipment, which is why we guarantee all of our work with a 2-Year / 24,000-Mile Warranty. Our customers get the assurance they need to trust their vehicle again. Once you leave our shop, you can be sure that the problem is properly handled and won’t pop up again! We are here to help families, fleets, and dealerships protect their vehicle’s with professional check engine light service.