Duramax Repair

Duramax Repair Tacoma

Duramax engines can be found in a wide array of Chevy and GMC trucks and vans. These diesel engines can be reliable powerhouses, but need to be taken care of properly. Certain model years suffer specific problems, and some issues are more common than others. No matter what seems to be the problem, when you need reliable Duramax repair in Tacoma, Total Performance Inc. is the Duramax repair shop for you.

Professional Duramax Repair

When you’ve a got a problem with your Duramax engine, you want a specialist shop. When it comes to Duramax repair, Tacoma residents trust us with their vehicles. That’s because we know diesel Duramax engines inside and out. Many symptoms can be traced to multiple problems and it takes experienced ASE certified mechanics like ours to quickly and effectively determine the cause.

Though Duramax engines share some common failure points, they are quite reliable. This can make it difficult for a non-specialized shop to pinpoint your problem. Our mechanics have worked extensively with LB7, LLY, LLY/LBZ, LMM, LMK, LML, and LGH Duramax engines. For Duramax repair, Tacoma vehicle owners know we provide top notch engine repair no matter what model their engine happens to be.

Comprehensive Duramax repair covers problems that include:

  • Air in the fuel lines
  • Fuel starvation
  • Water pump failure
  • Engine overheating
  • Injector failure
  • Injector harness chafing
  • Turbocharger oil ingestion
  • Transmission limp mode
  • SCT/LML DEF system problems

You purchased a tough Duramax V8 engine powered vehicle for strength and reliability. Our 24,000 or 2 year warranty covers every one of our Duramax repairs in Tacoma. Our technicians only use the most reliable replacement parts. That’s repair work you can trust. No matter what your problem, engine model, vehicle manufacturer or type, when you want warrantied Duramax repair in Tacoma made to last call (253) 471-8905 or contact us today.

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