Suspension Repair in Tacoma, WA

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Is Your Suspension Bad?

If you are driving your vehicle and feel every bump in the road, something might be wrong with your suspension system. The suspension keeps the vehicle stable around corners and absorbs the impact of bumps in the road so you stay comfortably in control at all times. When the system wears down, you’ll notice changes in the quality and comfort of your driving experience! That’s something that Total Performance in Tacoma, Washington can help with. Our ASE Certified technicians perform high-quality suspension repair for all makes and models. If your vehicle is safe to drive, head over to our shop for walk-in service. If the vehicle is difficult to control, don’t risk driving it around town. Call us at (253) 471-8905 and get a tow safely to our shop. Using their extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment, our team will find out what’s wrong with your suspension and provide professional repairs.

Warning Signs

Drivers need to know how to tell if their vehicle’s suspension has a problem. Handling repairs before parts fail completely could help you avoid costly repairs and dangerous driving conditions. These warning signs mean that your vehicle’s optimal performance and handling are diminished. Visit our shop at your first opportunity for repairs to restore your car’s condition!

Poor Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment and suspension go hand-in-hand. That’s why our technicians carefully check and correct any issues to protect the suspension system. We ensure each wheel meets the road at the proper angle to achieve optimal control and performance. Anything less than that will cause accelerated strain on suspension components, shortening their lifespan.

Worn Springs, Shocks, & Struts

The springs are responsible for holding the weight of the car. After years of use, they may sag or break. If one corner of your vehicle sits lower than the others, that indicates a spring isn’t holding its share of the weight.

Shock absorbers on each wheel work to limit bouncing while traveling over bumps in the road. When they wear out, your ride will become more uncomfortable.

If your specific vehicle doesn’t use shock absorbers to create a smooth, comfortable ride, it may be outfitted with struts instead. Understanding which component your vehicle has is critical, as broken struts can put your vehicle’s safety at serious risk. If you hear knocking when you travel over a bump, your struts need professional attention.

Get Expert Repairs

Suspension problems harm more than your driving experience. In addition to feeling every bump in the road, you may feel the damage of a bad suspension system in your wallet. That’s because any damages to one component will quickly deteriorate other components that bear the extra strain of the vehicle’s weight. At Total Performance in Tacoma, WA, we recommend regular inspections to check the health of your suspension. Our technicians will catch issues early on to avoid serious repairs and protect your car’s optimal performance. We’ll make sure you always have full control of your vehicle and enjoy a comfortable driving experience. To schedule your next suspension repair, call us or use our online reservation system. You can also stop by 5635 S. Tacoma Way when you are in the area for walk-in service! We are located on 56th Street, just a few blocks away from the I-5 exit. We look forward to seeing you soon!