Transmission Rebuild in Tacoma, WA

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Transmission Rebuild
When it comes to a transmission rebuild, Tacoma drivers have a lot of different vehicles. Commercial and commuter vehicles, race cars, and high performance sports cars all come with a range of automatic and manual transmissions. You want to choose a garage that knows transmissions inside and out. You want skilled mechanics who know the specifications for your make and model, and can factor in driving habits when making recommendations. At Total Performance Inc. we’re trusted by some of the most demanding drivers around. When local law enforcement and race car drivers need a rebuild, they choose us. Doesn’t your car deserve the same?

Affordability and quality from your transmission rebuild.
It’s not just our workmanship that makes us the local choice for a Tacoma transmission rebuild. Providing the best service doesn’t mean charging the highest prices, it means doing the work correctly and acting in the interest of the customer. Before we suggest a rebuild we’ll diagnose your transmission. Several options may be available to you depending on the problem. We’ll make sure a re-manufactured or rebuilt transmission aren’t a better option first.

Your thorough transmission rebuild.
Transmission Rebuild Tacoma

A pre-diagnosis check of fluid and on-board computer systems.
Complete disassembly and inspection of the vehicle’s transmission.
Inspection and replacement of any damaged hard parts.
Cleaning and inspection of all transmission parts.
Replacement of worn or damage soft parts including gaskets, o-rings, seals etc.
Electrical system testing and repair if required.
Re-installation and post-diagnosis of the transmission.
Contact us to rebuild your transmission today.
Rebuilds can be performed in as little as three days. When you want to know with one-hundred percent certainty that a rebuild is the right thing for your vehicle and wallet, and you want it done to the highest standard, we’re ready to help. Call (253) 471-8905 or contact us today for a transmission rebuild in Tacoma.