Tune-Ups in Tacoma, WA

Engine Care -- Total Performance

Preventative Maintenance

Tune-ups fall under the category of preventative maintenance because they serve to protect the engine from damage. When you visit Total Performance in Tacoma, Washington for a tune-up, you are prioritizing your vehicle’s long-term health and taking action to prevent costly repairs and breakdowns. How can one service do so much? Our highly-trained, ASE Certified technicians pay attention to every detail during a tune-up. They visually inspect and test every component to ensure it’s functioning optimally. If they find damaged or failed parts, they swap them out with quality replacements to restore the engine’s ideal power and efficiency. They drain and replace fluids with clean ones to ensure each continues to lubricate and control temperatures effectively. To cap it all off, we provide a summary of what was performed so you understand your vehicle’s condition.

What We Check

  • Engine Coolant
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Engine Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Fuel Filter
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Throttle Body & Fuel Injector
  • Spark Plug, Wire & Distributor Cap

Why We Do It

Why are tune-ups such a highly recommended service? When performed at regular intervals over the course of your vehicle’s lifetime, they protect the engine and extend its lifespan. The parts and fluids that are replaced during this service undergo constant wear. If left on their own, they will eventually wear out, break, or fail. A well-timed tune-up replaces components before they fail to prevent complications and further damage. This could save you and your wallet from costly repairs! A tune-up also refreshes essential fluids that are necessary for optimal performance. These fluids accumulate dirt and contaminants over time, so changing them cleans and protects internal components. Tune-ups take care of these items in advance to prevent engine degradation, so you continue driving the best version of your vehicle.

Schedule a Tune-Up

It’s time to prioritize your vehicle’s health! Take a moment to schedule your next tune-up service at Total Performance through our online reservation system or call (253) 471-8905. Show up at 5635 S. Tacoma Way just a few blocks off of I-5 for your appointment or whenever you have free time. We guarantee our services will help your engine perform better and last longer. We love getting walk-ins and are always happy to help drivers in Tacoma, Washington improve their vehicle’s condition. Tune-ups don’t take long but feel free to enjoy the restaurants and shops in the area while we work. You’ll be back on the road soon enjoying the power of a fully refreshed engine!