Understanding Why a Good Suspension Matters

How To Achieve A Smooth Consistent Ride in Your Vehicle

Tacoma, Washington, is known for many things, from classic cars to natural beauty. Therefore, if you want to be a part of the city, it is necessary to keep your vehicle running and in good condition. As any technician at Total Performance will tell you, your vehicle’s suspension is vital to good automotive health. Don’t wait until a suspension repair is required before you get it checked. This critical system is made up of many parts and is vital to vehicle performance.

Suspension Components

Several crucial elements make up your car’s suspension. For example, the chassis is the primary framework that holds up the body of the vehicle. The springs help to support the weight of the body while also reducing the amount of shock felt in the cab, which the shock absorbers and struts also help to alleviate. Last, the stabilization of your vehicle depends on the anti-sway bar.

Suspension Purpose

All of the components that make up the suspension system work in tandem to ensure a smooth and controllable ride. The system accomplishes such a task by distributing the weight of the vehicle to maximize friction, which in turn allows for stability in the steering column and superior handling. Beyond improving control, the suspension, through the use of shocks and struts, helps to provide a comfortable riding experience regardless of road conditions.

Suspension Repair

Suspension systems inevitably wear down. Component parts do not last the life of the vehicle. However, most suspension issues can be remedied before they become significant problems, but only with routine maintenance. Unfortunately, many owners do not keep up with inspections. If a worn suspension is not fixed, then you will notice it in the performance of the vehicle. The ride will not be as smooth. Tires may wear prematurely due to poor alignment and the unbalanced wearing away of brakes and other components.

Don’t ignore the suspension of your vehicle. Performing routine maintenance and inspections is the best way to avoid costly repairs and to keep you riding comfortably through the scenic byways of Tacoma. If you are experiencing possible suspension problems, or if it has been some time since you had your suspension checked, then contact Total Performance and schedule an appointment.

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