Why Is My Car Overheating?

Why a Car Engine Overheats

An overheating engine is one of the most serious problems that your car can have. If the engine overheats, it may begin to warp and crack, resulting in irreversible damage.

Few car problems are as inconvenient as an overheating engine, and both the cost and time it takes to find the professional auto repair to fix the problem are almost certain to be aggravating. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common reasons why car engines overheat and what you can do in the event it happens to your vehicle.

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Common Reasons for Overheating Engines

Today’s engines are typically built to be long-lasting, but when the heat generated by a vehicle’s motor goes above the normal operating temperature, the devices designed to cool the engine may begin to fail and may cause permanent damage to not only the engine, but also the gaskets, hoses, and seals that keep the engine running.

Here are some of the most common reasons for an engine overheating to help you prevent it from happening to your vehicle.

Little or No Coolant

Engine coolant circulates throughout the cooling system to help maintain proper engine operating temperature. Driving with insufficient coolant levels significantly reduces the cooling system’s ability to absorb heat and expel it through the radiator. If the coolant levels are lower than the manufacturer’s recommendation, refill or top off the levels with new coolant/antifreeze.

A Faulty Water Pump

The water pump functions as a miniature turbine, drawing coolant through the cooling system. If the water pump isn’t actively circulating the fluid through the cooling system, the hot fluid won’t be able to cool down in the radiator, and the cool fluid won’t be able to return to the engine to absorb more heat.

Low Oil

Aside from lubricating engine parts, motor oil also helps control the overall temperatures in your car’s engine. As a result, a lack of lubrication causes friction, which produces excessive heat and may cause the engine to fail.

Count on the Auto Repair Experts at Total Performance

An overheated engine is a sign of a serious problem in your vehicle. Fortunately, keeping up with routine maintenance and repair can aid in the early detection of problems before they cause permanent damage to your vehicle.

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